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Cultivating Excellence in Organic Agriculture

At Pragati, we take pride in our 25+ years of dedicated experience in environmental sustenance and living in harmony with nature. Nestled over 25 acres on the outskirts of Hyderabad, in the serene Proddutur Village, Shankarpally Mandal, our farms are a testament to our commitment to cultivating premium organic vegetables.

Pragati Organic Farms is a distinguished member-focused service that operates through our user-friendly online platform. 

Pragati has been widely recognized by the United Nations and the global community for successfully maintaining the balance of nature to sustain ecology.

Pragati has also received the Swachh Bharat Award for Medicinal, Herbal and Aromatic Plants.

The contribution that Pragati has made to the field of conservation, sustanability, natural farming and promoting environmental management is vast.

The Driving Force Behind Pragati

Dr. G.B.K. Rao


Mr. G. Ajay Chandra

Managing Director

Smt. G.V. Kumari

Director Of Finance

Mr. Meka Ramakrishna

Dir. Projects & Marketing